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The small print

This is the official website of Whitburn Junior FC, however the views and opinions expressed herein are the author's own and have no connection with the club.

Anyone wishing to use any of the information and/or images contained within the site should contact the webmaster for permission. Permission will almost always be given provided the original source is fully acknowledged.

Help required

If anyone knows of any errors and/or omissions please feel free to email me. If you have any comments on any topic related to this site, including areas that you feel should be included and any improvements that could be made then please get in touch.

I am currently looking for a report on Whitburn's 1995 cup final appearance.

Names of team members shown on the pictures page are required - I have most of the details for the 1966 and 1970 teams, but no details for any of the others.

Details of all Whitburn internationalists are required - names, dates, number of caps, opposition, position played, etc.


... to Ian McLeish and other members of the supporters' club for access and permission to use their statisics.

... to the committee for any information provided in the past and in the future.

... to any player, past or present who has provided information - currently Derek Currie, Chris Smith and Paul Taylor.

Special thanks to Craig Hunter for some of the graphics, his cup final pictures and his continued encouragement, help and support - much appreciated.

All text, graphics and images are ©2000 & 2001 A.Burton and Whitburn Junior FC (unless otherwise stated).

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